The Design Process

As Designers our profession can sometimes consume our whole life. Everyday is an observation of shapes, colours, materials, plants, scale, and inspiration is taken from everywhere. But a Designer’s greatest tool is their imagination; this is the true genius of design, the root of innovation.


But I dream of things that never were; and I say “Why not?”
– George Bernard Shaw
Initial Consultation
  1. The initial consultation with the client is to establish ideas for the design, the desired look and how the site will function.
  2. Identify any constraints such as planning requirements.
  3. Consider need for 3rd party involvement, e.g surveyors, engineers or landscape contractors.
  4. Do a site analysis, take photographs, identify areas of need for privacy, areas of sun, shade and wind.
  5. Discuss budget.
Concept Plan
  1. As a result of the initial consultation and site analysis a concept plan to scale is produced on AutoCad.
  2. This plan shows how the site is used, location of structures, pools pergolas garden beds, paths etc. It does not go into the detail of materials and plants.
  3. During this phase a meeting takes place with the clients to finalise the layout.
Planting Plan

A detailed planting plan is produced to scale on Autocad. Includes photographs of all plants.

Construction Drawings
  1. Details of structures are produced as elevations to enable contractors to build accurately.
  2. Materials for paving, decking etc. are chosen and detailed.
  3. Dimensions are shown on plan to enable construction.
  4. 3D models can be produced on request.

Project Management
  1. Once the design stage has been finalised we can help you choose the landscape contractors and oversee the job from start to finish.
  2. Ongoing maintenance can be organised if necessary.
Plans For DA's And Developments

Normally these plans are produced straight from the builders plans without site visits. See the brochure.

As a guide, most projects will follow this five-step process:

Initial consultation

We will meet with you on site to ensure we understand the space we are designing, and what your requirements are. Once we have done this we will produce a written brief.

Site analysis

Usually we will carry out a detailed site analysis and make visual records of the site. In some instances this will include a full topographical survey.

Sketch proposal

Using the information gathered from the consultation and site analysis we will then produce a concept plan to illustrate our design concept for the space.

Detailed proposal

The next stage is to progress the sketch proposal into a detailed proposal showing planting and landscaping plus details of any bespoke elements such as pergolas or water features. Complex projects may require a detailed landscape specification document.


At this stage the garden landscaping process can begin, the garden design becomes a reality.

We can provide a full or partial project management service, or act as a professional advisor.

Bespoke Garden and Landscape Designers