Willoughby Residence

The owners of this Federation house in Willoughby contacted us because they wanted to make their outdoor area more usable. Bifold doors ran across the back of the house with a step down onto a small area of paving and lawn running straight up to the house in other areas. The land sloped 500mm from the back fence and from right to left across the property. We decided to cut and fill by creating lovely curved retaining walls across the back of the property and bringing the level up near the house so they could step straight out. To compliment the light wooden floorboards inside we chose a very light warm gold, large format paver with similar coloured cobblestones along the side of the garage. As it is south facing the clients did not want any overhead structures to stop the light and also wanted to be able to see out into the garden. The neighbor’s orange Bougainvillea, wooden door frames and flooring inside dictated the use of beautiful warm colours of browns cream and light gold. Lights added to the ambience with warm toned lights in the back garden bed, in the raised planter box, behind the wooden screen and installed under the bench seats.